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hey im tatum, im 17, i live in arizona. there is so much to know about me, but chances are you wont be able to know everything.i am who i am. and wont change for anyone.
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Chefchaouen, Morocco

Beni bırakın beni bırakın beni bırakın bu caddelerde !!

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Hey Tatum. We used to hang out and were friends but over the years we just stopped talking. But i still consider you my friend and i believe you are a beautiful and amazing person. I know it might not mean a lot but i just wanted you to know. I would gladly talk to you about anything at anytime. And i know how you feel with the depression and thoughts. Ive been battling it as well. But i want you to know you arent alone. Im here and i will come off whenever you feel like you want to talk. asked by Anonymous

i really didn’t post that with intentions of asking for replies i kinda just put things on here bc its tumblr ya know, but thank you means a lot. please come off anon!